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Located in Houston,Texas.............Established in 1969

- Doors open at 8 PM -
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(Anderson Fair is a totally smoke free establishment)

 You can purchase tickets to many of our shows on line.

If there is a ticket  icon next to the show you would like to attend, click on that icon and you will be linked to

our friends at  where you can use your credit card to purchase tickets. You might also check out their web site

for shows that we have not added a ticket icon for yet.  Many times they will have tickets available.

As an added assurance please print out your receipt and bring it with you. We do get a list of purchasers from the ticket service

but occasionally there is a glitch and a name gets left off.

Note: We do not accept credit cards at the club, so please bring some cash.   Thank you.

Please make note

Our phone number: 832-767-2785

Website updated on 9.16.13

We are in the process of building our new web site.

This one will still be up for awhile but if you would like

to visit the new site, click the hyperlink below.


Anderson Fair's    New Website

Please Scroll  Down for our  Calendar of Events

        If you would like to receive email alerts from us about upcoming shows and special events

 please send us your contact info and email address. 

                        Send to


                                                      Anderson Fair Concert Schedule

                                                              We open at 8 PM and music starts around 9.


                                   Upcoming Shows in Fall                                          

 We will reopen for our Fall Season on Thursday, Sept 19th

Upcoming Fall Concerts:

Thursday, September 19...Songwriters in the Round

with Ken Gaines and Wayne Wilkerson

This Thursday: Jay Williams and Grady Lee

Friday, September 20...Danny Schmidt

Saturday, September 21...Cliff Eberhardt

Friday, September 27...Susan Gibson

Saturday, September 28...Sara Hickman...New CD Release

     Friday, October 4...Michael Fracasso...         

Friday, October 11...Matt the Electrician...New CD Release

Friday, October 18...Ginger Leigh

Saturday, October 19...Amanda Pearcy

Saturday, October 26...Dana Cooper

Friday, November 1...Albert and Gage

Saturday, November 2...the Shake Russell Trio

Saturday, November 9...Colin Gilmore...CD Release


Coming on Friday December 6th

John Gorka


Check at  for tickets to any of the shows listed.


- Means advance Tickets available for these shows 

On line: Certain shows will have tickets available on line. If you see a ticket next to the show you can click on the ticket image and follow that link to a web site,, where you can purchase tickets with a credit card. There is a small convenience fee when you purchase on line.                                                     

Please be sure to print your receipt and bring it with you to the show.

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Anderson Fair
Advance Ticket Sales
2007 Grant
Houston, Texas 77006

Our new phone number is 832-767-2785


The way Advance Tickets work (at least for us) is that we limit the number of tickets sold to less than our seating capacity. When the doors open (usually 8:00pm), only ticket holders are admitted.  When the music is about to start, we'll let in those without tickets. If you have an Advance Ticket & get here late, you'll get in, but your choice of seating may be limited.

 Thanks for supporting live music

For directions to Anderson Fair see our Map Page.